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Operational Directions

Notices for Using the Archives Reading Room of National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area, Ministry of Finance:

  1. The Archives Reading Room of National Taxation Bureau of the Northern Area, Ministry of Finance (hereinafter referred to as "the Taxation Bureau) is the place of archives application services of the Taxation Bureau, and services such as archives reading, transcription and copying are provided here.
  2. The opening hours of the Reading Room are 9:00~12:00AM and 2:00~5:00PM from Monday to Friday, and it is out of service on national holidays.
  3. Any persons other than employees of the Taxation Bureau must produce their ID certificates and finish the registration procedure before entering the Reading Room, and their personal goods and backpacks except notebooks shall be placed in the lockers.
  4. A Notice for Examination and Approval of Archives Application shall be produced to apply the archives of the Taxation Bureau, and the user shall be accompanied the case officer during the process of application. If it is necessary to use the National Archives Catalogue Inquiry Network of the National Archives Administration (http://near.archives.gov.tw/), please finish the registration with the accompanier before using the relevant equipment.
  5. Pencils are provided in the Reading Room, and the applicants must not use such stationery as prepared Chinese ink, ink, pen or ball-point pen to copy down the archives. At present, only photocopier is provided by the Taxation Bureau to produce white-black photocopies of the archives. Before photocopying, the applicants shall first confirm the number of pages and paper size, pay the fee at the specified counter, and then use the photocopier by themselves under the guidance of the accompanier.
  6. Application and inquiry of the archives must be done in the Reading Room. If it is necessary to leave temporarily, the user shall hand the archives and the borrowed stationery to the accompanier, and must not carry them out of the Reading Room. If computer is used to perform inquiry on the National Archives Catalogue Inquiry Network, the user shall first log out before leaving.
  7. For reading and transcribing archives, NT$20 shall be paid every 2 hours and the proportion less than 2 hours will be treated as 2 hours. For photocopying, NT$2 shall be paid per B4 paper (or paper of smaller size), or NT$3 per A3 paper. If mailing service is required for the photocopies, a handling charge of NT$50 shall be paid every time in addition to the mailing cost.
  8. The applicants shall return the archives to the service accompanier after use, log out the National Archives Catalogue Inquiry Network, and get back the ID certificates after the accompanier signs in the log sheet for application of archives after the process of examination and verification. The archives applied must be returned on the same day, and reapplication shall be filed if it is necessary to use them again.
  9. Reading, transcription or copying of the archives shall be conducted in accordance with relevant provisions prescribed by the Taxation Bureau, and anybody must not commit any of the following actions; otherwise, the use of archives will be stopped in accordance with Article 26 of the Archives Act, and the case may be transferred to the governing procuratorial organ for investigation if criminal liability is involved.
  • Adding comments, altering, replacing, drawing out, marking with circles, or defiling archives.
  • Break bound archives.
  • Damaging archives or changing the contents of archives by other means.
  1. Do not eat, drink, smoke, chaw betel palm or make noise in the Reading Room, or encumber   others' reading or pollute the environment; otherwise, the Taxation Bureau+ has the right to stop the infringer from using archives.
Last updated:2019-11-08