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  1. According to the Executive Yuan Meeting Resolution No. 1055 reached on February 1, 1968, Taiwan Provincial Government (TPG) was appointed as the proxy administration responsible for the collection of national taxes in Taiwan, with all local tax bureaus as the enforcement agencies. In the official letter referenced as TPGMFTHR144501, dated February 19, 1990, Taiwan Provincial Government requested that the collection of national taxes should be administered by the Ministry of Finance (MOF). In the 1992 Budget Review, which took place in April 1991, the Legislative Yuan, while reviewing the annual budget plans of the Ministry of Finance, compiled a memorandum to "set up national tax administrations province-wide at the earliest possible time. National taxes that are temporarily collected by the TPG should then be collected by the newly-established administrations."
  2. In the official letter referenced as TMF07369 , dated February 28, 1992, the Ministry of Finance reported the said project to the Executive Yuan, which gave permission to withdraw the collection rights of national taxes from Taiwan Provincial Government. The rights were transferred to the MOF's tax administrations in Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan Province. The three administrations began operating on July 1, 1992. However, area offices and collection bureaus did not start operations until September 1 of the same year.
  3. Moreover, with the Executive Yuan's notice referenced as T(1997)CHONG305366, dated June 10, 1997, NTANTP was requested to set up the Kinmen Service Station and a second sub-office. Since July 1, 1998, the Kinmen Service Station's 2nd Service Station was reorganized and renamed as the Matsu Service Station. Then the Kin-men Service Station had been changed to the Kin-men Office, dated 4th March 2008.
  4. In 2000, with the permission of the Executive Yuan, business taxes that were collected by local tax bureaus at the request of all the MOF's regional tax administrations were required be transferred back to all National Tax Administrations beginning January 1, 2003.
  5. In order to increase service quality, create excellent environment for Taxpayers, the National Tax Administration of Northern Taiwan Province, MOF, Tao-Yuan County Branch and Tao-Yuan Branch, Northern Taiwan Office, National Property Administration, MOF joint office building, had been established on June 2008 after 8 years construction and plan. The inauguration of new office building had taken place on July 2009.
Last updated:2022-07-14