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This website is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, therefore it is designed with Accesskey settings, to help our disabled visitors.


This website is designed to be friendly for disabled users, website content is divided into 5 areas:(1) menu, (2) left-side menu, (3) related content area, (4) end-of-page menu.


This website’s Accesskey settings are as below:

Alt+U:For visitors to select the options on the top side of the webpage- visitors can select the website versions they desire, including English version, site visit, and glossary.

Alt+L:For visitors to select the options on the left side of the webpage- visitors can access the other main links of the website.

Alt+C:For visitors to manipulate the content in the middle of the webpage, this is where the main content is displayed.

Alt+Z:For visitors to select the options on the end side of the webpage.

※When this website project labels is unable elects by the mouse spot, you may use the following keyboard operating mode to glance over the material.

Tab:Pauses after this label, may move using the Tab key to the content page glances over this material, meets when the radio button please coordinate to use ← → or ↑↓ to move the project order.

Tab + Shift:Presses Tab + Shift to be possible the round trip migration to the previous material;when moves to the label project you may continue to use ← → or ↑↓ to move the label order.


  1-1.Major Policies
   1-1-1.Major Policies of the Executive Yuan
   1-1-2.Important Measures of the Ministry of Finance
   1-1-3.Important Measures of Taxation Administration, Ministry of Finance
  1-2.Press Releases (News)
   1-2-2.Executive Yuan
   1-2-3.Ministry of Finance
  1-3.Bid Information
   1-3-1.Government e-Procurement System
   1-3-2.Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan
  1-4.Jobs Information
   1-4-1.Youth Development Administration, Ministry of Education
   1-4-2.Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance
   1-4-3.Working Expats in Taiwan
   1-4-4.Contact Taiwan
   1-4-5.Foreign Workers Information
  1-5.Tax Calendar
  1-6.Uniform-invoice Winning Numbers
   1-7-1.The Executive Yuan Gazette
   1-7-2.Various Tax Announcements
2.About NTBT
  2-1.About Us
  2-3.Organization and Functions
   2-3-1.Organizational Structure
   2-4-2.Service Regions
  2-5.Contact Information
   2-5-1.Location (Service Area, Address, Tel. No. and Google Map)
   2-5-2.Office Hours
3.The Freedom of Government Information
  3-1.Legal items
   3-1-1.Laws and Regulations
   3-1-2.Administrative Directive
   3-1-3.Organization、Functions and Contact Information
   3-1-4.Administrative plans, statistics and research reports
   3-1-5.Documents related to public works and procurements
   3-1-6.Subsidies that are paid or accepted
   3-1-7.Meeting records of the agencies based on a collegiate system
  3-2.Inquiry System
   3-2-1.Tax Refund Online
   3-2-2.To complete applications on line Query (link to eTax Portal, Ministry of Finance)
   4-1-1.Contact Us
  4-2.Online Services
   4-2-1.Online Application
   4-2-2.Print Tax Bill (for Taxes Paid Voluntarily)
   4-2-3.Paytax Online
   4-2-4.Quick Calculation
   4-3-1.Download document and file
  4-4.General Service Counter
   4-4-1.Services Introduce
   4-4-2.Office Address and Hours
  4-5.Personalized Information Service
   4-5-2.Subscribe to Newsletter (Back Home)
  4-6.File Application
   4-6-1.Operational Directions
   4-6-2.File Application Form
   4-6-3.Relevant Information
   4-7-1.Tax Filing Software
   4-7-2.Application Form
   4-7-3.Download Icons
  4-7.Website Service
   4-7-2.Bilingual Glossary
   4-7-3.Popular Services
   4-7-5.Security Policy
   4-7-6.Privacy Policy
   4-7-7.Government Website Open Information Announcement
   5-1-1.Check Refund Online
   5-1-2.Online Bill Issuance (link to eTax Portal, Ministry of Finance)
   5-1-3.E-filing (link to The e-Filing and Tax Payment Service of the Minstry of Finance)
   5-2-1.Individual Income Tax
   5-2-2.Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax
   5-2-3.Business Tax
   5-3-1.Taxpayer Rights Protection
   5-3-2.Personal Data Protection Act
   5-3-3.Government Open Data
   5-3-4.Gender Mainstreaming
  5-4.Type of Website Visitor
   5-4-1.General Public
  5-5.Digital Content
   5-5-1.Audiovisual Media
  6-1.Domestic Tax Agencies
  6-2.Foreign Tax Agencies
  6-3.Related Agencies
  6-4.Other Topics
7.National Tax
  7-1.Individual Income Tax
  7-2.Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax
  7-3.Business Tax
  7-4.Estate Tax
  7-5.Gift Tax
  7-6.Tobacco and Alcohol Tax
  7-7.Commodity Tax
  7-8.Futures Transactions Tax
  7-9.Securities Transactions Tax
  7-10.Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax
  7-11.Tax Administration

Last updated:2019-12-06